Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Eko Nugroho

Saturday was People's Day at the brand new Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. Being that my parents and sister were in town, we went down in the evening and sat on the grass outside, watching the James Morrison Quintet against the backdrop of the city skyline over the river. Indoors, the gallery was hosting the Asia Pacific Triennial. Many highlights in my brief perusal of the show, including textile comic panels by Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho, which initially struck me as very similar to the Pure Black Tattoo comic book that I picked up whilst in Yogyakarta (and which was actually drawn during Athonk's residence in Melbourne). Turns out that Eko Nugroho is also based in Yogyakarta and also releases his own comics. I wish I had been more effective at exploring this subculture while I was there. Anyway, go the the new gallery in Brisbane to see some of his strange little drawings turned into embroidery, which I heard another gallery-goer liken to drink-coasters. Link: